One of the objectives of the Clin d’Ailes Foundation and its support association Espace Passion is to maintain a high-quality aeronautical patrimony, and especially in its initial condition, i.e. in flying conditions.

The Hunter Trainer has been restored and successfully used in flight operations from 2004 to 2014 and has now taken place in the Museum after 480 passenger flights and participation in numerous air shows.

The two-seater Mirage III, also restored, has participated in various meetings since 2008 and continues with passenger flights. The flights on board this aircraft provide the necessary pilot training throughout the year. The number of flights is limited to this training.


be over 18 years of age

be a member of the Espace Passion association

have completed, signed and returned the’Medical Questionnaire’

have completed, signed and returned the ‘General Terms and Conditions’

Upper size limit: 193cm / Lower weight limit: 48kg / Upper weight limit: 104kg

The other conditions to be met are set out in our contract for ‘General Conditions for Historic Jet Flights’.